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How to properly maintain the fan bearing?

release time:2018-05-26
How to properly maintain the fan bearing?
When selecting the fan model, we choose a fan that is suitable for our own fan operating environment. It will also help the user to save a lot of resources and make full use of the fan effect in many fan components. Bearing is more important, but many users will always ignore a lot of details in the selection and use of bearings, which is why the bearing always causes problems in use, in fact, we not only have to choose from the protection, but also To pay attention to maintenance from the maintenance of the use of two-pronged to ensure the effectiveness of the fan, let's take a look at the bearings in the selection and maintenance, how can we do our best. Here we take a look together:
In the choice of the fan, we often choose those fans with good appearance, but this is just a direction. We must also make a precise choice for the internal components of the fan. The bearing can not be qualified. The key lies in the use of energy. Can not fully play a role, for users without fan selection experience, through the help of professionals to choose, then the quality of the various components of the fan can also be a great guarantee, after the choice is correct, we have to use some of the fan Solve the problem and maintenance.
The maintenance of fan bearings is not only limited to the addition of lubricants. The quantity and quality of the lubricant should also be controlled. A detailed examination of the operating parameters of the lubrication system must be carried out. Axial centerline alignment checks should also be carried out, mainly checking for radial eccentricity and axial deflection. During the operation of the bearing, in accordance with the principle of “check once every 15 minutes within 1 hour and once every hour within 6 hours”, inspect the bearing temperature change phenomenon and grasp the temperature condition of the bearing at any time. The
The lubrication system of the fan is most closely related to the bearing, so we must pay attention to the effectiveness of the lubrication system during maintenance. When the ambient temperature exceeds 40 °C, when the bearing temperature rise exceeds 15 °C, the time interval for adding the lubricant should be shortened to half of the specified time interval. The exhaust gas temperature is too high. Check the operating conditions and restore the normal exhaust temperature. When there is too much lubricant in the bearing, recover the proper amount of lubricant and check the operation of the throttle valve. According to these several maintenance knowledge to maintain and maintain the bearing of the blower, it can also reduce the wear of the bearing to a great extent. It also saves energy for the user. Therefore, the bearing selection and maintenance must be given adequately. Pay attention.