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Selection of bearing vibration group

release time:2018-05-26
         Bearing vibration group selection:
         As the level of bearing manufacturing technology continues to increase, vibration and noise, which reflect one of the dynamic properties of bearings, are also increasingly valued by people. The user's understanding of the technical characteristics of bearing vibration and noise is also becoming more and more sensitive and the requirements are getting higher and higher.
The vibration of a bearing refers to the movement of the geometrical center of the bearing part away from the ideal position, the elastic deformation of the bearing part as a function of time, and all the movement necessary for the rotational motion of other bearings, commonly referred to as bearing vibration.
For the detection of single bearing vibration values, two units of measurement are currently used. One is an acceleration type. The unit of measure is decibel (dB). The group code is Z1, Z2, and Z3. The other is a speed type. Its unit of measure is micrometers per second (um/s), and the group code is ZV1. , ZV2, ZV3. The supplementary code for these marks bearing vibration group is placed to the right of the bearing basic code.
Bearing vibration and noise are closely related to each other, because vibration is the source of noise, and noise is the characterization of vibration. Therefore, in the bearing production and testing process, the purpose of controlling the bearing noise is achieved by strictly controlling the bearing vibration value index.
When selecting the bearing vibration group, it must be based on the specific conditions of use of the bearing. If the main machine has special requirements for smooth operation, the bearings with suitable vibration groups should be selected to meet and meet the requirements for the smooth running of the machine, such as spindles of machine tools. For bearings where vibration and noise are required, such as cars and airplanes, bearings of the corresponding vibration group should also be selected to meet the requirements. If there are special requirements on the noise of bearings, such as electric fans and some household appliances, bearings with low noise should be used to meet the requirements for use.