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Main performance of spindle bearing oil

release time:2018-05-26
       Spindle bearing oil is a special lubricant for spindle bearings of precision machine tools and similar equipment. It plays a very important role in ensuring the working accuracy and performance of the spindle and prolonging its service life. It is also called bearing oil.
Its main performance:
1. Appropriate viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristics
In order to make the spindle temperature of the machine tool not too high and cause thermal deformation of the machine tool, affecting the processing accuracy or making the bearing lubricate badly, the lubricant with the proper temperature should be selected according to the structure of the spindle bearing, the rotation speed and the bearing clearance, and it must have good viscosity-temperature characteristics. , To prevent the spindle temperature and ambient temperature change when the viscosity changes too much and affect its lubrication performance.
2. Good lubricity
In order to maintain a uniform oil film between the spindle and the bearing contact surface, the oil film will not be damaged when the spindle starts or stops moving to generate impact load. Maintaining good lubricating performance will reduce friction and frictional heat and reduce the temperature rise of the spindle. The effect of machining accuracy requires good lubricating properties.
3. Good oxidation resistance
When the machine tool spindle adopts the circulation lubrication method, the spindle bearing oil is required to be used for a long time without deterioration, and therefore it is required to have good oxidation resistance.
4. Good rust resistance
Because the oil inevitably mixes with condensed water in the air or machine coolant during the operation of the spindle lubrication system, the oil is required to have good rust resistance.