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Bearing heater classification?

release time:2018-05-26
A bearing heater is a device that can produce or produce high temperatures. Generally, the maximum temperature is about 70-300°C. It contains heat, heat, and temperature control. The bearing heater is an energy conversion device. The energy input to the bearing heater is in the form of chemical energy in the fuel, electrical energy, heat energy of high-temperature flue gas, etc., and is converted by the bearing heater to output heat energy having a certain temperature to the outside. In order to achieve the desired purpose, the air or other boundary materials are heated. The high temperature generated by the bearing heater can directly provide the necessary heat or heating for industrial production and general life. The large-sized bearing heater is mainly used in industry, and the small-sized heater is mainly used for life. Bearing bearing heaters are the most in our lives. Electric bearing heaters refer to electrical appliances that use electric energy to achieve heating effects. They are distinguished by the type of heating method and can be divided into three categories:
1. Electromagnetic heating - Electromagnetic heating generates an alternating magnetic field through the components of an electronic circuit board. When placed on a ferrous container, the surface of the container has alternating alternating lines of magnetic force and alternating currents at the bottom of the container. In other words, eddy currents, eddy currents move the iron atoms at the bottom of the vessel at random and move at random, and the atoms collide with each other to generate heat energy. This has the effect of heating the item. Because the iron container itself generates heat, all thermal conversion rates are particularly high, reaching up to 95%. Induction cookers and induction cookers are electromagnetic heating technologies.
2. Infrared heating - Infrared heat transfer is radiative heat transfer, which transfers energy from electromagnetic waves. When far-infrared rays strike a heated object, some of the rays are reflected back and some are penetrated. When the wavelength of far-infrared rays emitted is the same as the absorption wavelength of the object to be heated, the heated object absorbs far-infrared rays. At this time, the molecules inside the object “resonate” with the atoms—resulting in strong vibration, rotation, and vibration and rotation. The temperature of the object has risen to achieve the purpose of heating.
3. Resistive heating - A method of heating a billet by releasing heat from an electric heater through the electric current. Common resistive heating, ceramic bearing heaters, and resistive ring heating, quartz tube heating, in principle, all belong to resistive heating.
Comparison of three bearing heaters:
1. The heating of the resistive bearing heater is the most primitive, so the thermal efficiency is also the worst, usually only about 70% of the thermal efficiency, a lot of heat energy is emitted into the air.
2. The infrared heating method is a little better than the resistance, but still a large amount of heat is emitted into the air, but instead of the infrared light emitting into the air itself, the heated object dissipates the heat into the air.
3. Flying If the electromagnetic bearing heater is working, there is a layer of insulating layer to enclose the heated object, and then the magnetic field directly heats the object through the insulating layer, so the thermal efficiency is the highest. The thermal energy is not lost, and its thermal efficiency exceeds 95%. Moreover, as the magnetic bearing heater is heated by the heating object itself, so there is no heat transfer loss, the overall energy saving is about 30%-70% of the resistance heating under the same conditions, and the infrared bearing heater cannot be heated by the electromagnetic heating because of its heating characteristics. Detailed comparison, but the temperature emitted to calculate, under the same conditions should fly like electromagnetic heating energy than infrared heating to save more than 20%.