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Heat treatment cooling process control?

release time:2018-05-26
1. In order to ensure the cooling effect of heat treatment, the normalized workpiece should be cooled by dispersing and cooling from the furnace during cooling, and the workpiece should be uplifted under the workpiece with a certain amount of space for ventilation. The temperature of the workpiece after cooling and tempering is to be controlled at 300°C.
2. When the workpiece is quenched, the circulation system of the cooling medium (water or oil) should be started. After the workpiece is immersed in the medium, it must be oscillated back and forth to increase the cooling effect. If it is found that the amount of liquid in the medium is insufficient, it should be filled in time.
3, when the workpiece is immersed in oil media to pay attention to fire safety.
4. Small pieces are quenched. If the cooling tank is too far away from the heating furnace to affect the cooling effect, a small water (oil) tank should be temporarily used to ensure that the workpiece can be put into the cooling medium in time to obtain the required cooling effect.
5, for high alloy steel (such as 3Cr2w8v), high-temperature quenching and cracking, then after the furnace should be pre-cooled and then put into the quenching medium to prevent thermal stress to produce quenching cracks.
6. For thin plate and long shaft parts, in order to reduce the deformation during quenching, they should be immersed in the quenching medium laterally and straight as far as possible, or be placed on a large plate and immersed in the medium to reduce the deformation.
7, for the two-liquid quenched workpiece, if there is a groove or mold cavity, then out from the water, it should be poured into the oil tank after the net water cooling. Generally, the oil outlet temperature of the oil tank is 150 to 200°C (workpieces are slightly smoked green smoke).
8, after quenching the workpiece must be tempered in time, generally do not return more than 2 hours.