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Bearing ring classification?

release time:2018-05-26
Inner circle
Raceway bearing rings on the outer surface.
2. Outer ring
Raceway bearing rings on the inner surface.
3. Cone inner ring
The inner ring of the tapered roller bearing.
Cone outer ring
Outer ring of tapered roller bearings.
5. Double raceway cone inner ring
Double raceway tapered roller bearing inner ring.
6. Double track cone outer ring
Tapered roller bearing outer ring with double raceway.
7. Wide inner ring
The bearing inner ring is widened at one or both ends in order to improve the guidance of the shaft in its inner bore or to provide a supplemental location for the installation of a fastener or seal.
8. Inner ring of lock
An inner race of grooved ball bearings with one or both shoulders removed.
9. Locking ring
A grooved ball bearing outer ring with one shoulder completely or partially removed.
10. Stamping outer ring
Stamped by a thin metal plate, one end of the seal (the seal stamping the outer ring) or both ends of the open ring, generally pointing to the outer ring of the needle roller bearing.
11. Flange outer ring
Flanged bearing outer ring.
12. Self-aligning outer ring
There is a spherical outer surface of the outer ring to accommodate the permanent angular displacement between its axis and the bearing housing axis.
13. Self-aligning outer ring
The collar for aligning the outer ring with the seat hole has a spherical inner surface that matches the spherical outer surface of the outer ring.
14. Spherical surface
The outer surface of the bearing outer ring is part of the ball surface.
15. Cone outer ring front rib
The rib on the front of the outer ring of the cone is used to guide the roller and to withstand the thrust of the large end face of the roller.
16. The middle ring
Bearing races with double races, for example the middle integral rib of a double raceway cone inner race.